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Terms & Conditions

Article 1


1.1          In these General Visitors’ Regulations, the following terms are assigned the following meanings: Cinema building: Springhaver Exploitation B.V. Visitor: anyone who visits the Louis Hartlooper Complex. Building: the building owned by the cinema or to which the cinema is otherwise entitled and that part of the public road adjacent to the building to which the cinema is entitled commercially or otherwise.

1.2          These general visitors’ regulations apply to all legal relationships between the Cinema and the Visitor.


Article 2

Visiting conditions

2.1          During their visit to the Building, the Visitor must behave in accordance with the law and in accordance with unwritten rules in society and to follow the directions and instructions given by employees of the Cinema. Access to the Building can be denied if the Visitor refuses the above rules.

2.2          During their visit to the Building, the Visitor must be in possession of a valid access and identification document and is obliged to show this to employees of the Cinema on request. In case of refusal, the Visitor can be denied access to the Building.

2.3          All offers or announcements made by or in connection with the Cinema are without obligation. When a Visitor places an order, an agreement is only concluded by acceptance thereof by the Cinema.

2.4          The Cinema is entitled to make video or sound recordings in the Building. The Visitor will not object to the use or disclosure of their portrait / likeness i.e. for security purposes.

2.5          The Visitor is not entitled during their visit to the Building (a) to smoke in smoke-free zones (b) to offer goods for sale, to bring drinks, narcotics, dangerous or nuisance materials or weapons into the Building or with him or (d) bring, carry or use photo, video, film, sound and other recording equipment in the Building.

2.6          In connection with Article 2.5 and in the context of general safety, the Cinema may request the Visitor to inspect (hand) luggage carried by the Visitor or to cooperate in a security search. In case of refusal to cooperate, the Visitor may be denied access to the Building.

2.7          In the event of theft, destruction or serious nuisance caused by the Visitor, including but not limited to the cases referred to in Article 2.5, (a) the Visitor will be denied access to the Building, (b) a report will be made to the police and (c) the Visitor are held liable for the damage suffered, including but not limited to loss of property and loss of profit.

2.8          It is not possible to return or cancel purchased tickets.


Article 3

Liability of the Cinema

3.1          The Visitor’s stay in the Building is at their own expense and risk.

3.2          Any liability of the Cinema for whatever reason is limited to a maximum of the amount of the admission ticket, subject to the provisions of Article 3.3.

3.3          If the Cinema is insured with regard to the damage, its liability is limited to the amount that is paid out on the basis of the liability insurance policies of the Cinema as it pertains to the case in question, plus the amount of the deductible that is paid out by the Cinema must be worn according to applicable insurance policies.

3.4          The Cinema is never obliged to pay compensation for damage other than to persons or property if the Cinema can be lawfully blamed for intent or deliberate recklessness. Liability for consequential damage is expressly excluded.

3.5          Force majeure is understood by the Cinema, in addition to everything that is considered by law as force majeure, any omission by third parties that affects the agreement, labor disputes, measures taken by government authorities and any other event that is reasonably under the control of the Cinema.

3.6          The Cinema is not liable for any acts or omissions of its subordinates and other persons as referred to in Articles 6: 170 and 6: 171 BW (Dutch Law).


Article 4


The Visitor cannot claim that products or services rendered do not comply with the agreement within eight days after the Visitor should reasonably have discovered this and having given written notice within this time frame,


Article 5

Applicable law / Competent court

Dutch law applies to all legal relationships between the Cinema and the Visitor. Disputes between the Cinema and the Visitor that fall within the competence of the Court will be submitted exclusively to the competent court in Amsterdam.