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Cracking The Frame: He Dreams of Giants


Film director Terry Gilliam has been dreaming his cinematic adaptation of Cervantes’ Don Quixote for 30 years, and even by the time he mounted his famously ill-fated production in 2000, he had the reputation of being a Quixote himself: a filmmaker whose stories about visionary dreamers raging against gigantic forces mirrored his own artistic battles with the Hollywood machine – a modern day dreamer fighting for a romantic, but ultimately impossible, illusion.


In late 2016, Gilliam announced a new producer, a new cast, a rewritten script, and a start date for his Don Quixote film. After repeated re-imaginings, re-writings, budget reductions, and endless compromises, what can possibly remain of Gilliam’s vision? Can the finished film live up to a quarter century of his expectations?


15 years after Lost in La Mancha (2002), directors Keith Fulton and Louis Pepe come back to follow Terry Gilliam’s final attempt. He Dreams of Giants puts its audience in the shoes of an obsessive artist who faces his personal and creative demons as he pays tribute to the great work that has inspired his entire oeuvre. With intimate footage from the production, as well as archival materials from Gilliam’s entire career, He Dreams of Giants is a real-life 8½ that explores the value of art in the face of mortality.

Cast Adam Driver (Zichzelf), Terry Gilliam (Zichzelf), Jonathan Pryce (Zichzelf)
Productiejaar 2019

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The Guardian ★★★★ (4 sterren)

A moody plunge into the anguish of the artistic process. [...] By the end of this movie you’ll realize that Gilliam’s struggles are humanity’s struggles.

IndieWire ★★★★ (4 sterren)

Brilliant [...] insightful [...] excels at capturing the moment to moment rush and collaborative energy of film production.

Criterion Cast (geeft geen sterren)

A gorgeously made, completely captivating deconstruction of one man’s artistic process and the lengths one will go to exorcise their proverbial demons...an absolute achievement.