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Language No Problem: Mijn Vader Is Een Vliegtuig/My Father Is An Airplane (Antoinette Beumer)


Eva seems to have it all: a family, a successful business and the house of her dreams. When her mother dies suddenly, she discovers that her life is made up of lies and secrets. Eva becomes increasingly anxious and begins to lose grip on reality. When she decides to contact her father, who has been in a mental institution for over thirty years, it turns out that the start of a disconcerting journey into the past


Mijn Vader Is Een Vliegtuig/My Father Is An Airplane is a book adaptation from the autor and also director Antoinette Beumer and the openings film of the Netherlands Film Festival this year.

Regie Antoinette Beumer
Cast Elise Schaap, Pierre Bokma, Maarten Heijmans, Stefan Rokebrand
Genre Drama
Land Netherlands
Release 14 okt 2021
Productiejaar 2021
Speelduur 91 minuten
Gesproken taal Nederlands
Ondertitelde taal Engels

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wo 3 november 14:30