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Le Guess Who? x Springhaver: Mrs. F


 “Ladies and gentlemen, you wanna change? Come join us now!” In the powerful, inspiring and eye-opening ‘Mrs. F’, Nigerian theatre director Ifeoma Fafunwa sets her mind on bringing her play Hear Word!, based on true-life stories of Nigerian women, to Makoko, the floating shanty town at the edge of Lagos. Almost all the women and girls there are scarred by (sexual) violence. And the men are disinterested at best, suspicious or violently hostile at worst. Can Fafunwa get through to the girls? And do they manage to cut through the culture of silence so dominant in Nigeria? 


This film is presented by Movies That Matter. Screening includes a Q&A with director Chris van der Vorm. 

Regie Chris van der Vorm
Genre Documentaire
Land Nigeria
Release 13 nov 2021
Speelduur 77 minuten
Ondertitelde taal Engels