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Language No Problem: Becoming Mona


In Springhaver you can see the best foreign language films with English subtitles at our monthly screenings: Language No Problem. This means that people who don’t understand Dutch can now also enjoy a French, Dutch, Italian or Danish production. The selection for this programme is not random. We will always choose films we feel are a must-see for everyone. In December we will screen the Dutch-Flemish drama Becoming Mona (Kom Hier Dat Ik U Kus) by Sabine Lubbe Bakker and Niels van Koevorden. Based on the bestselling novel by Griet Op de Beeck.


Mona is nine years old when her mother dies in a car crash. Her father soon gets a new girlfriend, who immediately presents herself as a replacing mother to Mona and claims everyone’s attention. Mona makes the best of it, because she doesn’t want this new family to fall apart. She does everything in her power to make it work, even if it’s at her own expense. The adult Mona realizes that the world is full of egocentric people who only think of themselves and that she will have to take matters into her own hands in order to eventually live a happy life herself. By trail and error, Mona navigates her way through life, marked by the death of her mother.

Regie Sabine Lubbe Bakker, Niels van Koevorden
Cast Tanya Zabarylo, Valentijn Dhaenens, Olivia Landuyt, Tom Vermeir, Wine Dierickx, Tijmen Govaerts
Genre Drama
Land Netherlands
Release 10 dec 2020
Productiejaar 2019
Speelduur 100 minuten
Gesproken taal Nederlands
Ondertitelde taal Engels

Deze film wordt verwacht op 10 dec 2020. Houd deze pagina daarom goed in de gaten!