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Language No Problem: Petite Fille (Little Girl)


7-year-old Sasha has always known she was a little girl, even though she was born a boy. As society fails to treat her like the other children her age – in her daily life at school, dance lessons or birthday parties – her supportive family leads a constant battle to make her understood and accepted. Multi-award winner Sébastien Lifshitz (4 selections in Cannes and 4 selections in Berlin) follows Sasha and her family for a year, capturing with his insightful, delicate and subtle camera their truly moving moments of joy and the many challenges they face together.

Regie Sébastien Lifshitz
Genre Documentaire
Land France
Release 29 jul 2021
Productiejaar 2020
Speelduur 85 minuten
Gesproken taal Frans
Ondertitelde taal Engels

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