Cold War (English Subtitles)

Polish romantic drama by Academy Award winner Pawel Pawlikowski (Ida and My Summer of Love). In his search for young artists for a Polish folklore ensemble , musician Wiktor’s eye catches the young and free spirited Zula. There is an instant attraction between them, but they are constantly on the run between East and West. They cannot live apart nor can they be together: an impossible romance in an impossible time. Cold War was selected for the Official Selection at the Cannes Film Festival where Pawlikowski was awarded Best Director.

Paweł Pawlikowski won the best director award at Cannes in May for this sweepingly intimate love story about a star-crossed couple falling together and apart, through the iron curtain of postwar Europe. It is inspired by (and dedicated to) his parents, whom Pawlikowski has described as “the most interesting dramatic characters I’ve ever come across … both strong, wonderful people, but as a couple a never-ending disaster”.

Regie Pawel Pawlikovski
Cast Tomasz Kot, Joanna Kulig, Agata Kulesza
Land Polen
Release 6 dec 2018
Productiejaar 2018
Speelduur 84 minuten
Gesproken taal Polish
Ondertitelde taal English
  • 12

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