Cracking The Frame: A Long Way Home

A Long Way Home takes us on a fascinating journey into both the grim days of recent Chinese history and the dazzling cultural scene in present-day China.

This fascinating film follows five of the most significant representatives of contemporary Chinese arts: avant-garde visual artists the Gao Brothers, modern-dance choreographer Wen Hui, subversive animator Pi San and poet Ye Fu.

Through their own unique artistic practices these five renowned artists question which values determine our cultural identity, and in what kind of world we wish to live.

Regie Luc Schaedler
Genre Documentaire
Land Switzerland
Release 19 mrt 2019
Productiejaar 2018
Speelduur 73 minuten
Gesproken taal Chinese
Ondertitelde taal English
  • 12

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didi 19 maartmrt 21:15

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