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Experienced psychologist Nicoline (Carice van Houten) starts a new job at a forensic psychiatric hospital where she meets Idris (Marwan Kenzari). Idris is a convicted sex offender who has committed a number of serious crimes. After 5 years of treatment he is allowed to go on unaccompanied leave as the staff is very happy about the progress he has made. Newcomer Nicole doesn’t trust Idris yet and wants to extend his probation. Idris tries everything in his power to convince her of his progress, but slowly transforms into the manipulative man Nicole thought him to be. A power struggle follows between them, in which Nicole becomes completely entangled, despite her knowledge and experience. Instinct is Halina Reijn’s directing and screenwriting debut and The Netherlands Film Festival 2019 is set to open with the premiere of this Dutch drama.

Regie Halina Reijn
Cast Carice van Houten, Marwan Kenzari
Genre Drama
Land The Netherlands
Release 9 okt 2019
Productiejaar 2019
Speelduur 108 minuten
Gesproken taal Dutch
Ondertitelde taal English
  • 16

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wowo 23 oktoberokt 21:00

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