Cracking The Frame: Beyond the Visible - Hilma af Klint

For more than a century, Wassily Kandinsky has been unanimously considered the originator of abstract art – but the first abstract artist was actually a woman. Misjudged and concealed, Swedish artist Hilma af Klint painted her first abstract painting in 1906, four years before Vassily Kandinsky. But why was she ignored? And why her paintings weren't exhibited until the 1980s and are still not available on the market? Beyond the Visible investigates just why it took so long to happen, the stubborn mechanisms behind canonization and the art world's reluctance to give a woman her rightful place in history. This documentary helps unveil a complex and timeless oeuvre and the visionary behind it, who claimed to have created her huge, enchanting and colorful paintings with the guidance of extra-dimensional voices. Discover the untold story of a pioneer of modern art and the troubling path it took to be recognized.

"This exquisitely crafted and engaging documentary celebrates af Klint’s expressive, and unabashedly feminine, masterpieces—which look like they come straight out of today’s galleries, with their blend of the mystical and the natural worlds." - The Straight

Regie Halina Dyrschka
Genre Documentaire Biografie
Land Duitsland, Zweden, Zwitserland, Verenigd Koninkrijk
Release 17 dec 2019
Productiejaar 2019
Speelduur 93 minuten
Gesproken taal Zweeds
Ondertitelde taal geen
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